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About Us

RIE Joint Stock Company (referred to as “RIE Logistics”) was established with the participation of enthusiastic shareholders in the field of Express Delivery – Logistics.

We provide postal services within the province, inter-province and internationally licensed by the Ministry of Information and Communications, in which the main service area of the Company is receiving and delivering on-site: Letters, Parcel mail, Sample goods, Scientific and technical documents, Commercial documents of tender documents… Form of door-to-door and door-to-door delivery, in addition we also provide courier services road transport, rail transport, sea transport, Customs declaration, warehousing and warehousing,… Especially E-Logistics (COD) delivery.

With the voluntary attitude desires to touch the feelings of each customer.

RIE Logistics

Seeing the importance of the “localization of international products”, RIE chooses to complete the mission which is becoming a logistics service provider leading the market. With the coverage up to 63 cities/provinces in all over Vietnam and different fees applying to every need of customers in each region, RIE hopes to bring the most satisfied services to you.

RIE Logistics

With the declaration “THE CUSTOMER IS ALWAYS RIGHT”, RIE and our young, dynamic and enthusiastic staffs promise to bring the fast and professional services to customers. Our Department of Business and Customer Care (CC) are always willing to assist all customers with continuous frequency during work time.

Core Values

RIE Logistics


I always follow and follow the right process. I am the root of all problems.
RIE Logistics


I appreciate my words. I speak quantitatively, not telling the story.
RIE Logistics


I never say “no”. I decided never to give up, always with results at a specific time.